New York City

Are you planning travel to New York City? Try out our easy view, quick at hand for all types of travelers! Just in your pocket!


Most of us have to go through a many web pages, book guides, youtube videos and so on to plan our trips. We spend hours on finding what we would like to see and what we wouldn’t miss at all.
And more – we have to plan our breakfasts, lunches and dinners…all have to fit to our plans.

Our team is ready to serve you because we know how much frustrating is put all travel things and tips together. What you can get in our bundle?

  • Before you order you can set up your preferencies such as traveler type, duration, budget. Exactly for you.
  • You will get intuitive map for fast oriantation
  • No mobile data or Wi-Fi needed

  • Every day is situated into one area of town
  • Pages of suited documents will give you a day by day schedule
  • And the best thing is audio files with interesting places
  • Just listen and go all your travel tips

I love traveling around the world and that's why I've decided to create It should to reduce your preparing travel time. It offers more clear and streight focus on movement through city and enjoying of beeing outside with your guys or family.

Easy travel

There is no need to hurry up for trains or busses. You could wake up whenever you want and drive as much as you want. We will give you simple travelguide.

Best places

Putting together our annual list of the best places to travel is a process that takes several months— we survey writers based around the world.

Download in .pdf

You will recieve .pdf document with map and all information what you need for your trip. Save your time and let us plan your amazing roadtrip.

Audio file

You will get more! Each interesting place has own audio file to listen. Just listen and enjoy nice view

Our Team

Michael P. Lindsey, Data Collector

We have created a great guide together. Thanks to all the recommendations of the travelers who visited NYC. Thanks to our worldwide friends.

Molly Sanders, Public Relations

It was great to work on such a big project. It is a good feeling when you know that hundreds of tourists use your work daily.

Mark Teets, Project Manager

We are constantly working on updates. Team members know how to get the best results for your trip.

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